How To Earn. is for the following group of people:

1. People who are looking to make money online from the comfort of their homes.

2. Students in tertiary institutions seeking extra cash for daily school needs.

3. Job seekers.

4. People who want to make a side income aside their salaries.

5. Bloggers and influencers with a following on social media.

6. People with a fair number of contacts and friends on WhatsApp and social media.

How to make money on

Making money on is easy and straight-forward. First you have to choose a unique referral code for yourself, then sign up and proceed to your dashboard to fill in your bank account number.

There are four ways to make money on after you're done signing up and filling your details in your dashboard:

1. By referring people using your referral code or referral link.

● Once you are registered, you will be given a unique referral link. You can share your referral code or your unique referral link to your friends and contacts on WhatsApp and other social media outlets, forums like Nairaland etc. You can also tell your friends and family by word of mouth and ask them to enter your referral code when they are signing up.

● When any of your friends sign up using your referral code or unique referral link, you get paid ₦1000 after they pay the sign up fee.

● So if for example 10 of your friends sign up in a day, you get paid ₦10000 for that day.

2. By Following our advertisers on Instagram and Twitter

● We pay you in form of giveaways when you follow our advertisers on social media or like their posts and tweets.

● You can make between Two Hundred Naira and One Million Naira depending on the advertiser or member sponsoring the giveaway.

● Giveaway tasks (Follow and like tasks) are created by other members and advertisers daily so the more giveaways tasks you complete, the more money you make.

3. By sharing advert links created by Advertisers and other members.

● You can promote links created by advertisers on your social media. A unique tracking link to the advert is given to you and after you share it on social media and online forums, you get paid ₦4 every time someone clicks the link you share (unique link click).

● So for example 1000 people click on the link you shared, you get paid N2,000. You can share links to different active adverts accumulating money per unique link click across all adverts.

4. By assisting new members in understanding how works by explaining to th and answering their questions.

● Many new members have no idea how works and they usually want to know how to make money online here on and other questions that need to be answered and that's where you come in as an experienced member.

● When you interact and answer questions on the questions forum, a new member can decide to mark you as his/her Assister if he/she feels you were helpful enough in answering their question.

● When you are marked as an Assister, you get paid ₦100 per assist .

How much effort do I need to put in to make money on

Only just a little to no effort is required to make money on

You only need to share your unique advert links on your social media, whatsapp groups and forums like Nairaland and leave the rest. Whenever anybody clicks on your link, registers and pay the sign up fee, it will automatically reflect in your balance in your dashboard.

Also to get more referral bonus, you just need to share your invite links on WhatsApp groups, to your Whatsapp contacts and Whatsapp groups, Nairaland, Twitter etc. People will definitely click your referral links, visit the site to see for themselves and whenever they decide to sign up, the referral bonus will automatically reflect in your dashboard (after your referrals have paid the sign up fee).

How soon can I get paid?

Immediately you have ₦2000 in your balance you can click the request for withdrawal button and you will be credited within 24hours.

Don't be left out, don’t procrastinate. Sign up and join our growing community and start earning today.

To try it out, Sign up now, refer your two closeset friends and your balance will immediately be credited with ₦2000 then request for withdrawal on your dashboard page.