How To Get More Referrals.

These are some methods that have helped other people in getting more referrals and earn big amounts daily and these methods can work for you too to get more referrals. Please feel free to use other methods apart from these ones listed here.

1. Using Facebook groups and Whatsapp groups (Option 1)

● Create your own Mygain Whatsapp group, then Go to Facebook and search for business groups, buy and sell groups, investment groups, student groups etc.
● Create a post on each of the Facebook groups Asking for people who are interested in investment opportunities and would like to make money from the comfort of their homes.
● When you are creating the facebook post, add the link to your Whatsapp group so that people can join your whatsapp group directly.
● If you prefer, you can also tell them to reply with their phone number so you can manually add them to your whatsapp group.
● When they join your Whatsapp group, don't just share your referral links with them in your whatsapp group, also explain to them how they can register and earn too, show them your proof of earnings screenshot too if you have already earned.
Click here to see example screenshot below

2. Using Facebook groups and Whatsapp groups (Option 2)

● Go to Facebook and search for business, buy and sell, investment groups and pages etc.
● Search through their page you will see where other people have shared their own Whatsapp groups in the past for other reasons not Mygain related.
● Join these Whatsapp groups, then check the Whatsapp group profile to see the members list.
● Add all the members one by one to your own Mygain Whatsapp group and share your referral links with them and introduce them to

3. You can also share your referral links randomly on other Whatsapp groups apart from your own Whatsapp group.

4. Open a thread on nairaland showing people how they can register and make money on mygain using your referral code.

5. Share your referral links on other people's thread on nairaland.

6. If you have a blog, do a post and describe on your blog, the steps to people on how to register and make money on You can also add your earnings screenshots if you have earned.

7. Send emails to your Referrals in pending

● Check your referrals page to see if you have referrals in pending that is referrals that have not yet paid the sign up fee.
● You will see their email on your referral list page.
● You can send them personal emails encouraging them to pay and complete their sign up.
● You can also attach screenshots of your earnings in your email to them if you have started earning to further convince them.

In all these methods mentioned above, we advise if you have already started earning, you always try to share screenshots of your earnings with people too so they can know that it's real and register with your referral code.

Example Screenshot: