What is Mygain.ng?

Mygain.ng is Nigeria's number one advertising Network. Members can create/Join Giveaway tasks and create advert links to their their products/services/blog post/youtube videos etc. Registered members can then participate in these giveaways and promote advert links created by other members on social media and their sites(for members who have sites) and we share revenue earned from our advertisers with them.

Who is Mygain.ng platform for?

The Mygain.ng platform is aimed at individuals and businesses who have social media pages, a link, product or service to promote and literally anybody who is pro-work-from-home and would like to earn commissions from the comfort of their homes.

How do I get started?

It's easy to get started on Mygain.ng,
Simply go to the Sign up page, enter your email, password and choose a referral code(e.g your nickname) and click on the Register & Pay now button

Are there other hidden fees apart from the one time sign up activation fee?

No they aren't any hidden fees. You only need to pay once while signing up.

How much do I pay to create giveaway tasks or advertise on Mygain.ng?

You can pay any amount above ₦1000 to get your giveaway task or link advert published, For link adverts, you will be charged ₦5 for unique click your link gets.

How do I earn on Mygain.ng?

- You can earn by participating in Giveaways tasks.
- You can earn by sharing advertiser links on your social media and sites.
- You can also earn simply by referring your friends, family, colleagues and social media connections to sign up on Mygain.ng using your referral code.

How much do I earn per advert link click?

Mygain.ng operates a pay per click (PPC) model for link adverts, for every unique link click, you get paid ₦4 only.

How much do I earn per referral?

For every registered member you refer, you get a ₦1000 commission.

How do I sign up referrals?

Mygain.ng provides three ways to help you sign up many referrals quickly. You can do any of the following: 1. Simply tell your friends to use your referral code(same as your username) in the textbox for referrer code when signing up 2. You can copy, paste and send your direct referral link to friends e.g your facebook and whatsapp friends and groups 3. You can use the share buttons provided to send your direct referral link to friends on your social media.

Must I refer someone before i can get paid?

No, you dont have to refer people before you can get paid, All you need is to have at least ₦2000 in your balance before you can request for withdrawal.

When do I get paid my earnings

We pay out earnings daily to eligible member.

Who is an eligible member

An eligible member is one who has their profile details filled, valid bank account details filled in the dashboard section, has a gain balance equal to or above the minimum payout amount and has requested withdrawal on the dashboard page.

What is the Minimum payout amount

The minimum payout amount is ₦2000 (Two thousand naira) only.

How do I withdraw my balance

You can click the Request for withdrawal button on your dashboard page and your total gain will be transferred to your bank account within 24 - 48 hours.

I don't have a personal bank account, can I use someone else's account to receive my earnings?

Yes, you can. you can put someone else's account number in your profile and will send your earnings to the account you provided.